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Frank S. , Spotsylvania

The wait of 5 to 6 months to complete the implant supported denture process deserves your careful consideration of which dental professional you will consider to complete the process. My search was successfully concluded by finding Dr. Yuh! From the initial consultation to the final implant denture fitting, you will have found a prosthodontist that takes her practice to a higher level. Precision is Dr. Yuh's goal and she never strays from that end. Dr. Yuh and Magda, her assistant, clearly explained each procedure that would be completed each visit and in addition added appointments to lessen the time to get my final denture. Thorough, professional, friendly and attentive to my specific needs, Dr. Yuh and her staff have convinced me to remain a regular patient for years to come. Thank you Dr. Yuh for your expert help!

Dalphine C, Fredericksburg

Dr Yuh and her staff are professional, personable & patient. Dr Yuh is not satisfied until the job is perfectly done and her patient is happy. She explains plan of care step by step from beginning to end. She also makes herself available when needed. I highly recommend Dr Yuh

Jessie H., Fredericksburg, VA

Dr. Yuh and her staff are true professionals, from the moment I walked in, I was greeted warmly by Alecia, to Magda who ensured everything was in order when Dr. Yuh did her exam. They were flexible with scheduling my appointments, I understood the cost up front. I was telling my friend of my dental issues and she recommended Dr Yuh as she was very satisfied with the services she had received, I was missing several back teeth, the partial I had was uncomfortable causing pain and discomfort. I expressed my concerns with Dr. Yuh who provided her recommendation. A plan was developed and delivered as scheduled. I am very happy with my partial, I can wear it all day, eat, anything, most important it has taken years off my appearance. I feel as though I gained a new set of friends with Dr. Yuh and her staff. I highly recommend Dr. Yuh Prosthodontics to anyone looking for a true professional to meet their dental needs. A well organized and run practice

Eileen C, Mineral

I am so grateful to have found Yuh Prosthodontics! I needed a full restoration (crowns) and bite correction. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Yuh and her staff. They are all extremely professional but also friendly, kind, patient and accommodating. I felt completely confident in their care. During my free consultation everything was explained to me very clearly (including the cost which was absolutely reasonable given the amount of time and EXPERTISE that went into my prosthodontics). Dr. Yuh was fastidious about my care, as was her amazing assistant, Magda. They made my "chair time" as pleasant as possible and Alencia is a ray of sunshine. They truly cared about ME and my satisfaction and I could not be happier with the results. My bite is corrected and my "new" teeth are beautiful. I absolutely recommend Yuh Prosthodontics without reservation!

Yanoula Burleigh, SPOTSYLVANIA

I was referred to Dr. Yuh for problems with my implant denture, which didn't fit right. I couldn't chew anything without the fear of my denture coming loose. I couldn't speak properly or even fully close my lips together, and was embarrassed to be in public. I was at the end of my rope when I went to Dr. Yuh's office for a consultation. I had never heard of a "Prosthodontist" before, so I was a bit skeptical. But let me say, what Dr. Yuh and her staff did for me changed my life in such a dramatic way. My new implant denture fits perfectly, and is so much better than I ever expected. It was clear to me from the beginning Dr. Yuh truly cares about her patients. At every appointment, she took time to ensure everything was PERFECT! It was a bit of an expense, but worth every penny. I am so grateful for everything Dr. Yuh and her staff did to ensure I now have a perfect smile, can eat everything from apples to almonds, and can finally speak properly! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Carol K, Fredericksburg

What a great office. The team is absolutely fantastic, professional and personable. The first time I have been to a dentist and felt comfortable. Great job -

Peter S., Stafford

finally a dental office that genuinely cares. great people, great service, and friendly atmosphere. Thank you "Yuh family" for a relaxed and "dentist anxiety free" service and visits

Sandy, Stafford

Our experience with Dr Yuh, and her staff, was outstanding and we certainly will be returning. From start to finish Dr Yuh did an excellent job replacing my fathers dentures. I highly recommend Dr Yuh for any dental needs.

William H., King George

Dr. Yuh is the best dentist I have had over my 70+ years of visiting dentists. Dr. Yuh is skilled, knowledgeable, and caring. Dr. Yuh's entire staff exhibit those same qualities. Finally, the location is convenient and the payment plan is flexible.

Gia G, Stafford

Dr Yuh, and her and her staff, have truly made my experience just perfect. I have been going o her office for over a year now and could not have been more happy with the results and work provided. The reconstruction work I required was quite complex and Dr Yuh is handling it beautifully. I have had two other orthodontist , attempting to work for my reconstruction and felt dissappointed with the results . Dr Yuh was the 3rd and being a Prosthodentist, it truly indicated a higher skill and attention to detail . I recommend her team and her professionalism to all who seek quality in dentistry.

Ruth S, Fredericksburg

I highly recommend Dr. Yuh for all your dental needs. She is friendly, kind and very thorough in her explanations as well as her work. Her staff are a great reflection of her as well. I am so grateful we have her in Fredericksburg!

Cj S., Fredericksburg

I chose Dr. Yuh’s Prosthodontics in Stafford on a local dentist’s recommendation...and I’m so happy I did! I grind my teeth and they were small as well as discolored and spaced unevenly. I went to Dr. Yuh for a consultation on how they could be improved. She listened carefully to my concerns & wishes and worked up a diagnostic plan for caps (including several financing options) to give me a big, bright smile. After a period of deliberation, I made the leap. And wow did she deliver! A few appointments later, I now have a bigger bite and beautiful white teeth. Dr. Yuh is a consummate professional: Her goal was to make me 100% satisfied with my results. She is calm and patient. Her assistant, Magda, is kind and lovely and made me feel cared for every step of the way. She was skilled at placing x-ray devices in my mouth which did not injure my tori - always a problem for me. The office exudes a happy, friendly atmosphere beginning at the front desk. I highly recommend Dr. Yuh’s services!!

Larry Vollten, Spotsylvania

For painless, courteous, and professional dentistry needs I would highly recommend Dr. Yuh. This most accomplished professional brought my teeth back to professional grade after an auto accident had broken my jaw and destroyed four lower teeth right in the front of my mouth. Thanks to Dr. Yuh I can smile with confidence again.

Kelley G., King George

Dr. Yuh took a lot of time in the office showing me pictures of my teeth on a screen, explaining what she would do and how she would make the bridge match my other teeth, and showing me models of how the process worked. I asked her all kinds of asinine questions and she never laughed at me, never acted like I was an idiot for asking basic questions, and took all my concerns seriously. A lot of people have regular one-color teeth, but mine are kind of unique and Dr. Yuh did a custom color match for my bridge. My new teeth not only look the best they have ever looked in my entire life, but they look unbelievably real! It's like these have always been my teeth! If I had known that my teeth could look so amazing, I would have had this done ages ago! If you need any dental work done, I highly recommend Dr. Yuh (and her awesome staff!). She is kind, charming, and most importantly really does amazing work!

David M, King George

I have been back several times since my last review and everything is sill 4.0 overall.

Lynn W, King George

I had a dental emergency on Monday Feb 24th that took me to Dr. Yuh,my dentist. They graciously worked me into their busy schedule and took care of my problem. Everyone, Dr. Yuh and her staff, were very kind and skilled in the care they gave me. Many thanks to all of them.

James D Watson IV, Fredericksburg

They are the best. Made me feel like family from the first visit. A lot of other Dr's offices could take lessons from Dr Yuh's staff. Dr Yuh made it possible for me to smile with confidence again. I highly recommend them. And do. THEY ARE GREAT, ALL OF THEM !!!!

Paul Hassen, Stafford

Dr. Adeline Yuh and her staff are a major resource in the Fredericksburg area. We are so fortunate to have this quality of prosthodontic services available locally. A gifted prosthodontist, Dr. Yuh is able to design and deliver superior solutions that exceed expectations with a caring and friendly chair-side manner. Her staff is excellent too. They are talented, knowledgeable and very supportive of each patient. From the diagnostic and planning process to completion of the dental work, the entire office is focused on delivering the highest level of service to each patient. I highly recommend Dr. Yuh and her staff, you will not be disappointed!

RNS, King George

As visits to the dentist go, this is an excellent experience.

David M., King George

In the Navy, the highest rating one can give is 4.0. I rate Dr Yuh's entire program and office staff 4.0 in all respects. All my experiences have been outstanding.

M. T. , Culpeper

Dr Yuh is so friendly and made me 100% comfortable. She’s so very personal as well.

rebecca B., Fredericksburg

My experience with Dr. Yuh and her awesome staff all anyone could ask for. Very professional and always making you comfortable. I showed my work to my sister and she now has an appointment. How awesome is that. Need dental work contact Dr. Yuh, and her pleasant staff.

Bill I, Fredericksburg

The Dr. Yuh experience was awesome! From the top down the team is comprised of confident professionals who provided a warm and welcoming environment. As Krista said " it's an adventure"... Well it was but fortunately for me I was in the right place being cared for by great people. Never did a concern or question go unanswered or addressed. I highly recommend this outstanding practice.

Peggy D., Spotsylvania

Over the last 3 years I have needed a lot of dental work. I've had 6 crowns and a permanent bridge all done by Dr Yuh. She is professional, gentle, and funny. My teeth look and feel great! She is an artist! I am completely impressed by Dr.Yuh and all the ladies that make up her team. Great experience! I highly recommend this office.

Les J., Fredericksburg, Virginia

Dr. Yuh and staff are an excellent group of dental practitioners. From the first visit to the final "crowning" achievement, I was impressed by the thoroughness of the information provided, the cheerfulness and efficiency of the staff, and even the clarity of cost and payment options. What a great team to work with! I trusted my mouth in their hands, and you can, too.

Pat & Jimmie B, Rhoadesville, Virginia

What an amazing Prosthodontics office Doctor Yuh has. She is so knowledgeable, polite, caring and so very thorough. Alliencia the receptionist is so suited for this job. She is so friendly and shows care and concern for her patients. I appreciate all the time Sherry, the hygienist spent with my husband. She was so professional. I highly recommend Doctor Yuh and appreciate Doctor Mitzi Sampson for recommending this practice to us.

Kate Hardy, Fredericksburg, VA

One visit in, I find this an excellent office. I will keep reviewing things as I go along

Annette C., Locust Grove

At 70 years of age, 8 of my upper front teeth were in very poor condition and failing due to large old fillings and instability. They were not long for this world. After examination by Dr. Yuh, I returned for a full presentation and treatment plan. She explained my condition using computer imaging, x-rays and clay models.Her extensive knowledge and precision were amazing. We decided to do a zirconia bridge (while still preserving my natural teeth) which would provide great strength, stability and a long life. My teeth are now strong and beautiful and I smile everywhere I go. I am so happy to have found Dr. Yuh. She and her staff are incredibly skilled, patient, kind and caring. If you require any type of restorative work, she should be first on your list.

Larry T., Germantown

I have been going to different dental practices for different procedures over the years.....I tell you what, if you are looking for a dental practice that is professional, respectful, kind, considerate and more than efficient and thorough, this practice is where you go. I had the BEST experience I have ever had ranging from regular cleaning to two other procedures on the same day. My nerves have never been that calm sitting on a dentists chair. As if that was not enough, the doctor personally called to inquire about me. What this meant to me....I was treated as a human being and not a number!!!! Great dental practice! If you have an opportunity, DO NOT hesitate to try this loving, caring, attention to detail, friendly, knowledgeable Practice. Thank you Dr. Yuh and your entire team!!!!

Jeanne, Fredericksburg

As I am eating lunch, I am thanking Dr. Yuh once again for the beautiful bottom dentures which she made for me. She is extremely gifted and thoroughly trained to do what she does. My experience with her has been positive since I first consulted her. She is very meticulous in fitting dentures and making sure the bite is correct. The last step for me was the relining of my denture. Where once I could say it was a Cadillac, now is a Rolls Royce! The fit is exactly right and the denture is very comfortable. She and her staff are warm and caring people. If your dentist has referred you to Dr. Yuh or you are thinking about getting dentures, then have no hesitation to go see her. She is the very best. I am a very satisfied customer!

Tammy, Tappahannock

From walking into the office the ladies were were friendly, professional and inviting. They had light humor with “I see she has her envelope. She did her home work.” As a teacher that made my day. Dr. Yuh was quite through on explaining the implant process, partial with a flexible base, the exam and what to expect cost wise. Great job ladies I’ll be seeing you in a couple of weeks. Thanks Dr. Crawley for referring me to Dr. Yuh, I am pleased with the caring compassionate service I have received so far.

Earl S., Fredericksburg

Dr. Yuh is so very personable and takes all the time you need to ask questions about the entire process as well as provide many options to fit your needs. She cares about your requirements and describes as much detail as necessary, as well as sharing important photos, x-rays, etc., to supplement the Q&A process. I couldn't ask for a better doctor for my dental requirements.

David S., King George

I have been a patient of this office for about 10 years. The staff is excellent and very professional. Dr Yuh is meticulous about her work which I can only describe as outstanding. Everyone is friendly and courteous.

Art G., Stafford

Better than before. Excellent bridge fit. Superior dentist than I had thought and I do miss her work. Hope to impress her with my cleanings.

Russell W., Locust Grove

You need not search any more if you are looking for an excellent Prosthodontist. Dr. Yuh is a skilled, highly experienced, compassionate medical/dental professional. Her entire team is skilled, professional and great to work with. I highly recommend that you become a patient of Dr. Yuh. She's truly an artist and a highly fastidious technician, all good things!

Ruth S., Fredericksburg

I have been a patient of Dr. Rose's for a number of years and was concerned at the news he was retiring. I was also concerned that his replacement, Dr. Yuh, would be satisfactory as my care by Dr. Rose had always been so pleasant and satisfactory. However, I was quite pleasantly surprised that Dr. Yuh's care would be comparable to his. She is so pleasant and her care is so good that I only hope she will stay in this area always. Thank you Dr. Rose, my care is in good hands with Dr. Yuh.

Karen R, Fredericksburg

Dr. Yuh is a top notch prosthodontist. She replaced a crown for me recently and it is PERFECT! She did the crown without any discomfort. It fits and matches perfectly. She is a great clinician and her staff is exceptionally professional and competent. I'm glad to be a patient of Dr. Yuh.

John R, Fredericksburg

Dr. Yuh and her excellent staff provide the best in quality patient care. Prosthodontists are specialists in complex dental problems and Dr. Yuh will guide you every step of the way. Sherry, Krista, Melanie, Jeannie and Tiffany will provide top notch support.

Charles J Sollohub, Spotsylvania, VA

Am older than 75. Have had teeth issues most of my life. Have depended on the dental expertise of this wonderful professional group to address my most difficult needs since coming to the Fredericksburg in 2005. Unfailing professionalism.

William B., Colonial Beach, VA

I have been a patient of Dr. Yuh since her arrival in the Fredericksburg, VA area. I have been totally satisfied with the care she and her staff have given me. Each appointment has been a pleasant opportunity to interact with Dr. Yuh and her staff. I have found them all to be knowledgeable in their specific area and totally committed to addressing my dental needs in a manner to assure a successful outcome. I intend to remain a loyal patient of Dr. Yuh.

Debbie M., Bowling Green

What a wonderful, caring and professional office! Dr. Yuh is very detail oriented and actually cares about the patient. I had a full mouth extraction and she has been wonderful. During the consultation and examination along with measuring etc. for dentures everyone was great. I would very highly recommend her to anyone who has to go through this. Dr. Yuh and her office made a scary and unpleasant experience so much better! Do not hesitate to contact her for issues you may be putting off due to the fear.

Larry P., Fredericksburg

Have been a patient of Dr. Rose for several years, so hated to see him retire, but have had Dr. Yuh for the past several visits and have been very happy with her care. She seems to have the same work ethic as Dr. Rose did and the staff are very professional and friendly. I will stay with this practice as I am quite satisfied with the "new doctor". Larry Pitts

William Trainor, Fredericksburg

Very professional and skilled, great dentist

Caroline W., Fredericksburg

Wonderful work done! It's a whole different smile, and the people who did the work were very friendly and experienced.

Meredith R, King George

Isn't a smile the MOST important thing when visiting a dentist? This is the place to find those. The entire staff knows you, provides a welcoming environment and is most accommodating when scheduling, or perhaps re-scheduling your appointments. Plus this dentist works with your other dental care provider(s). Lovely office, without the medical facility smell!!!!

Larry Gross, Spotsylvania

Top Notch... Dr. Yuh and staff are professionals who I trust and depend on... to keep me healthy... In addition to regular care - they carefully check and make monitor for problems.. catching them early on ...

BARBARA B, king george

the care is excellent. i was totally satisfied with the results.

Eddie W, Fredericksburg

Dr. Yuh and staff are the best! Everyone is very friendly and professional, and I trust that whatever I need will be done right the first time. I would recommend them to everyone!


compassionate , efficient and professional

Jerome W., Nokesville

Due to a major facial injury, I needed special dental care and was referred to Dr. Yuh's office by my primary dental provider in Woodbridge. The problem I had was a major replacement of a front tooth that had broken off at the gum line. My physician at Fairfax Trauma had removed the remainder of my front tooth during my emergency facial surgery due to multiple fractures. I was so pleased with Dr. Yuh and the bridge I received that I returned to have another tooth crowned that was in disrepair but had not been affected by my accident. I am absolutely thrilled with the effort and end state of both procedures. This dental practice is superb. I highly recommend this talented, competent doctor and staff with any restoration procedures.

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